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2018 Spring Practices

Spring Practice Schedule

Group      Time  Pool             Description
Mini Rays

3:30 - 4:00

6:00 - 6:30

Rec Pre Swim Team Group [M,W,Th]
Level 1 4:00 - 4:30 Rec Beginners, primarily 8&Us, who are new to the sport and learning to side breathe during freestyle.

Level 2B

Level 2A

4:30 - 5:10

5:10 - 6:00

Rec Swimmers who are ready to be introduced to all four strokes, can execute a legal breaststroke kick, but have not yet mastered the rhythm of each stroke.
Level 3

Dryland 3:20-3:35

Swim 3:35-4:30


Swimmers who have learned all four strokes, are working toward refining mechanics and becoming initiated to Ultra-Short Race Pace Training [USRPT].

Level 4

Swim 4:30-5:45  Dryland 5:45-6:15

Lap Increasingly experienced swimmers who have mastered all four strokes and are building on endurance for USRPT.
Level 5 Dryland 5:15-5:45 Swim 5:45-7:00 Lap Highly experienced swimmers who are utilizing USRPT and are prepared for increased yardage and faster intervals.
Level 6


5:15 -5:45

Swim 5:45-7:00

Lap High school swimmers who compete for their schools and join after that season ends.