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1. What is the cost of swim team?

Registration starts on January 1. The cost is as follows:

1st Child   $290
2nd Child   $260
3rd Child   $230
High School   $145

February 28 thru March 24:

1st Child   $325
2nd Child   $290
3rd Child   $260
High School  $145

March 25 thru June 15:

1st Child   $340
2nd Child   $300
3rd Child   $260
High School  $145

Swimmers must be registered by June 15, 2017.

2. What do these costs include?

Up to five days per week of swim practice, dryland fitness program, team cap and team shirt.

3. What are the requirements for a beginning swimmer's ability?

All levels of recreational swimmers are accepted. The only prerequisite is that your child be able to swim the length of the pool. For those children who are not quite able to do this, we have a great program called the Mini-Rays. This is pre-team swimming, which is designed for those children who can swim 10 feet unassisted but who are not quite ready for the team. Please see the Mini-Rays tab under Team Info for more information.

4. Can I play baseball and be a team member?

Absolutely. We have many swimmers who do both. Swim practice is available to you five days per week. You can participate in as many or few practice sessions are your schedule permits. Before our Championships meet, participation in two league meets is required, and three practices per week are encouraged. We do ask that all swimmers compete in Champs.       

5. Can I play tennis and be a team member?

Yes. The tennis schedules and swim schedules do not usually conflict for the same age slots. Before our Championships meet, participation in two league meets is required, and three practices per week are encouraged.      

6. Can I attend summer school and be a team member?

Yes. We offer training session five mornings per week or five afternoons per week during the summer months. Before our Championships meet, participation in two league meets is required, and three practices per week are encouraged.          

7. Do I have to attend all meets?

No. If you are going to miss a meet, you simply sign out a week in advance; and we will not schedule your child to swim. You need to participate in two league meets to be eligible for Championships. We encourage all swimmers to be at all meets throughout the season, and we want all swimmers to attend Championships. This is a team sport, and every swimmer helps his/her teammates in making us formidable opponents! 

8. What is the team philosophy?

Have fun, make new friends, build self-confidence, goal-set and become a better swimmer. Mind/Body/Spirit!

9. Do I have to be a member of Gold River Racquet Club to swim?

Yes, you do. However, if you are a first-time member, please see our Marketing Director for any possible promotions. Membership includes access to all health-club amenities for you and your family. Parents can work out while swimmers practice and take advantage of our many aerobic classes, tennis, use of the kids' club, etc. Contact our Marketing Director at 916.638.7001 for more information about membership. 

10. What is my commitment as a parent?

Swim team is run solely by parent volunteers. Each family is required to fulfill 25 credits each season.  These can be accrued by signing up online for a maximum of two jobs per meet or social event.  If your swimmer will be at the meet, you must volunteer. It's fun and provides the opportunity to meet other Stingrays families. To see a list of Job Descriptions, click on the Team Info tab and then Volunteerism & Job Descriptions. 

11. How do I register my child?

Swim team sign-ups begin on January 1, 2017. Go to the red Start Registration to the left of this page. 

12. What are March Swim Clinics?
During the month of March, we offer a four-week program focusing on a different stroke each week. This includes much instruction before the dual meet season gets underway. It is highly suggested for new swimmers to introduce them to the drills and strokes ... as well as a fitness and technique refresher for our returnees. 

13. What equipment do I need for team membership?

Practice suits and a meets-only Team Suit, goggles [tinted are best], fins, paddles and swim caps.   We have Team caps for meets and a few for practices. You can purchase these at Swim Outlet on our Home page. [The Stingrays receive a percentage from all items purchased through Swim Outlet.]

14. Who can I call with further questions?
You can leave a message for Head Coach Jeff Float at 638.7001 x553 or